La Crosse Technology Projection Clock with Lit Display & Outdoor Temperature

La Crosse Technology Projection Clock with Lit Display & Outdoor Temperature

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New atomic projection clock from LaCrosse Technology features colorful always lit adjustable display!

This is the newest projection clock from LaCrosse Technology, the leading producer of atomic clocks in the United states. This projection clock automatically sets itself to the US atomic clock every day so the clock will always be accurate to the second the the official US time. This clock will also automatically change back and forth from Daylight Savings Time so it is hassle free. This clock comes with the TX14 outdoor temperature sensor. Simply place the sensor outdoors in a location protected from the sun/rain and it will send back an accurate outdoor temperature reading. It also displays the indoor temperature along with the date, atomic time and outdoor temperature. Comes with an included AC adaptor which runs the face of the clock and the projection. When plugged in it will shine with a colorful display which can be read in the dark.

Model Number: 616-146   -  Manual/Instructions for 616-146    Size: 5.23" L x 1.96" W x 4.33"

  • Sets itself daily using radio signals from the US Atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado. Always accurate to the second.
  • Projects the time and temperature (toggles back and forth) on the ceiling or wall. Projection rotates in 90 degree increments.
  • Includes wireless temperature sensor that sends back the outdoor temperature to the clock.
  • Self-adjusts for daylight savings time.
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature.
  • Time zones: Atlantic Time (AST), Eastern Time (EST), Central Time (CST), Mountain Time (MST), Pacific Time (PST), Alaskan Time (AKT) & Hawaiian Time (HAT).
  • Snooze alarm and alarm icon.
  • Colorful lit up display when plugged in with included AC adaptor. Can be read in the dark and is high/low/off adjustable.
  • 12/24 hour time with minutes.
  • Projection options: (1) Default: toggle between time and temp., (2) time only, or (3) temperature only.
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