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How long have you been in business?
We were one of the first exclusive online atomic clock businesses. We have been in business since November 1999 and have sold thousands of atomic clocks and watches to customers all over the US. We have earned the heavily sought "Top Service" label in Yahoo Shopping! with over a 97% customer satisfaction. We plan to continue to be a leader in the field in the many years to come!
How do atomic clocks/watches work?
The government owns and operates an "atomic clock" which is located in Colorado. This atomic clock keeps precise time by dropping atoms. It is the most accurate clock in the world and is considered the official US time. The clock is hooked up to a huge radio antenna which sends out a strong radio signal across the entire contiguous US. Our clocks tune into that radio frequency, decode the signal, and automatically set their time to the US atomic clock. The clocks automatically search for the signal at least once a day in order to keep precise time. For more  information and a coverage map please go here: http://www.nist.gov/pml/div688/grp40/wwvb.cfm
Will I be able to pick up the time signal where I live?
The government recently upgraded the signal strength from 27,000 watts to 50,000 watts, therefore the signal currently covers the entire continental US.  The signal is weakest on the east coast (the I-95 Northeast Corridor) so it may take a little longer to pick up the signal there, and in rare cases some people have not been able to pick up the signal (mostly in commercial metal/brick enclosed buildings with few windows). If you plan to set up some clocks in a brick office building or school we recommend trying out one (just to make sure you can pick up the signal) before you outfit the whole building with atomic clocks. Overall, 98% of our customers have been able to pick the signal.
How long does it take to pick up the signal?
Each case varies depending on the strength of the signal at the time you set up your clock, the clock or watch you have, and your location. In most cases people are able to pick up the signal within a day (usually during the first night when the signal is the strongest).
Will I be able to return the clock if I can't pick up the signal?
Yes. If after 7 days you have followed the instructions and still have not been able to pick up the signal you may return your clock for a full refund.
Do your clocks work in Alaska or Hawaii?
Unfortunately not. The signal does not reach outside the contiguous 48 states.
Do your clocks work outside of the US, like say in Europe?
Unfortunately not. These clocks were designed only to pick up the US time signal therefore they only work in the US.
What about Canada and Mexico?
The signal does penetrate into areas of southern Canada and Northern Mexico but unfortunately we do not ship outside the US at this time.
How do I set my time zone?
Each clock is different but in each case you can set each clock & watch to any one of the 4 major US time zones (Eastern, Central, Mountain, Western). When you get your clock, you put in the batteries, set the time zone, and that's it! The clock will take care of the rest. It is also possible to display different US time zones other then the one you are in (convenient if you want four clocks to display the 4 US times zones all at the same time).
Do the clocks run on batteries and if so how long do they last?
Most of the clocks run on AA or AAA batteries. The batteries in the watches and wall clocks usually last about 2 years. The batteries in the digital clocks usually last about a year.

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Who are we? We were one of the first companies to sell atomic clocks on the internet. We were founded in 1999 and are currently celebrating our 17th year in business. We have sold over 250,000 atomic clocks and atomic watches to happy customers all over the United States. We offer discount prices along with the best customer service possible to our valuable customers. All of the products we sell are in new condition, come with a 30 day money back guarantee and a one year factory warranty from the manufacturer.

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